How to write a short speaker Bio

Toastmaster Speakers’ Bio

A Suggestion

Bangor Toastmasters Club


Kevin P. Tremblay, ACB

When preparing your speech for an upcoming meeting, be sure to create a short bio of yourself, and what your speech will be about.  A short bio is a brief summary of your education, work history, experience and hobbies, memberships or other information that fits the topic.  This bio needs to be provided to the Toastmaster of the evening before the start of the meeting.

A bio should be short and be relevant to your speech topic when possible.  Keep the bio between 75 to 100 words.  For example, if this is going to be your Ice Breaker, the first speech from the Competent Communicator Manual, the following is an example of a bio.


  • John Smith is giving his Ice Breaker Speech tonight, which he has entitled, Growing Up in New York City. John was born in NYC in 1967 and is currently employed as a mechanic at Inside Cars.  He is a member of Antique Car Association of American and is married to his childhood sweetheart Darleen, and they have two teenage daughters.  – Then the Toastmaster may say: John if you could come forward and can we have a round of applause for John giving his Ice Breaker. – 86 Words.


If you are working on an advanced speech one of these bio following might be appropriate.


  • Georgian McMillan has been a Toastmaster since 2013 and obtained her ACS and CL, and is working in the Advanced Manual, The Entertaining Speaker, Project 3, Make Them Laugh. Her speech is entitled, “When I get Nervous.”  Monica has found it difficult to speak in pubic and has a number of stories to tell us about what happens when she gets nervous.  She says don’t be surprised if I belch.  In the day, she is an attorney with Shyster, Shill and Douglas.  – Can we have a hand for Georgina? – 90 Words.
  • Bob Timothy, DTM resides in Moncton, NB and is a Senior Software Engineer with Data Breach in Moncton. He is working on the Advanced Manual, Technical Presentations and will be using PowerPoint to convince us that, Computers are Our Friends.  He says that he loves his mouse, and is ready to woo us with his use of technology, that is part of his everyday life now.  He is visiting our club from our sister club in Canada   — 78 Words.

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