Bangor Toastmasters Club Awarded Excellence in Leadership Award

November 5, 2016, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada.  falld45-16

Bangor Toastmasters Club #897 president accepts the Excellence in Leadership Award from District 45’s District Director Tom Goodwin.  Bangor Toastmasters was one of eight clubs in District 45 to receive the honor for earning individual club member leadership awards and sending at least four officers to the twice annual Toastmasters Leadership Institutes for the last the three years. Our club was also recognized as a Selected Distinguished Club. The club was in great company with the MDI Toastmasters Club which is also part of Area 5, Division B.

In attendance at the District 45 Fall 2016 conference were: Danielle Hardre, Debora Smith, Paula Baines, and Donna Accettullo. Individual members Donna Accettullo  and Paula Baines were recognized for achieving their for Advanced Leadership Bronze awards. Paula Baines and Kevin Tremblay for Advanced Communicator Bronze awards or the during the Toastmasters year 2015-2016 that ended June 30, 2016.

Recognition also goes out to Danielle Hardre, our club president who is serving as administrative manager for District 45 Board for the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year. Danielle handled logistics for the Spring 2016 District 45 conference in Bar Harbor, Maine.Yvonne Tabb who is a dual member of the MDI Toastmasters Club and the Bangor Toastmasters Club serves as Area 5 Director in Division B of District 45. Tabb was voted Area Director of the Year.  Jeff Hebert, current District 45 Club Growth Director was awarded Division director award for his leadership role as Division B Director for the past Toastmasters year 2015-2016.





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