August 19 Meeting Minutes

Missed our August 19 meeting?  Here’s a record of what happened:


District 45, Division B, Club 897

Minutes, 19 August 2015, Wednesday

The following is a summary of the minutes from our 19 August 2015 meeting.

Meeting Location: Beal College

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by Mary Hunter

Attendance: 11 Members 1 Guest; Members:  Amanda Black, Camara Bragdon, Donna Accettullo, Eric Smith, Henry Ruiz, Kevin Tremblay , Mary Hunter, Paula Baines, Devon Carter,  Shay Ostrow, Betty Ford.  Guest:  Debora Smith (She will become a member).

Meeting Theme:  Back to School

Meeting Roles:

President:  Paula Baines

Toastmaster:  Amanda Black

General Evaluator:  Donna Accettullo

Table Topics Master:   Camara Bragdon

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Mary Hunter

Timer/Vote Counter:  Paula Baines

Grammarian/Word of the Day:  Mary Hunter

Word of the Day:  Supplies

Business Session:

Minutes of the 05 August 2015 meeting accepted as read corrected.

Old Business:

  • President:  The President discussed the results of the meeting with the Area Governor on 5 August 2015 and the 12 August Executive Board meeting.  The membership voted on recommendations from the Executive Board based on the Area Governor’s report.  It was also recommended to order more books from the Better Speaker’s Series.

New Business:

  • Upcoming Speech Contest:  The next Speech Contest is scheduled for 9 September 2015.  The theme will be Humorous Speech.  The contestants will be Mary Hunter and Kevin Tremblay.  More information is forthcoming.
  • Special 2 September 2015 meeting:  There will be a special meeting at Camara Bragdon’s home.  More information is forthcoming about the meeting.
  • Demonstration of how to use Google Docs/App:  Amanda Black gave a demonstration on how to use the Google Docs/App with emphasis on volunteering for meeting roles.­­
  • Roles for the 2 September meeting:  a call for volunteers for the 2 September 2015 meeting was made.

Educational Session:

Inspirational Speech:   given by Amanda Black about wisdom.

Prepared Speeches:

Kevin Tremblay gave an AC #2, Technical Presentation speech from the Technical Presentation Manual, “How to make a proposal”, evaluated by Eric Smith.

Henry Ruiz gave a #4 CC speech, “Confessions of a Hypochondriac, evaluated by Camara Bragdon.

Table Topics Theme: Back to School.

Table Topics Participants and Topics:

Betty Ford spoke about being offered a million dollars and thinking it was a scam.

Debora Smith spoke about a treasure map for her trip.

Devon Carter spoke about an item from the sky.

Shay Ostrow spoke about Stephan King crouching behind a car and writing a story about it.


Best Speaker:  Kevin Tremblay

Best Evaluator:  Camara Bragdon

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Shay Ostrow

General Evaluator Comments:  Donna Accettullo evaluated the meeting in relation to improving our meetings based on recommendations from the Area Governor.  Emphasis was placed on our punctuality, improving our minutes, having more participation, and other factors.

Closing Session:

The meeting ended at 8:30 PM.

Minutes prepared by              

Henry C. Ruiz



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