5 August Meeting Minutes


District 45, Division B, Club 897

Minutes, 05 August 2015, Wednesday

The following is a summary of the minutes from our 05 August 2015 meeting.

Meeting Location: Beal College

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM by Mary Hunter

Attendance: 8 Members 3 Guests; Members:  Amanda, Camara, Donna, Eric, Henry, Kevin, Mary, Paula.  Guests:  Tyler Hoxie, Shay Ostrow, Yvonne Tabb (Area Governor, District 45).

Meeting Theme:  Summer Vacation

Meeting Roles:

Toastmaster:  Donna Accettullo

General Evaluator:  Mary Hunter

Table Topics Master:   Amanda Black

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Camara Bragdon

Timer/Vote Counter:  Henry

Grammarian:  Kevin

Word of the Day:  Obscure

Business Session:

Minutes of the 15 Jul 2015 meeting accepted as read corrected.

Old Business:

  • Vice President, Education:  The Vice President, Education stated that that our club could not participate in the Toastmasters International’s new education program Beta test because we needed to be a certain type of club.
  • President:  The President briefed us on the success of the Toastmasters International presentation at the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn event on 31 July 2015.  The President gave an effective presentation that stirred interest in the attendees.  Eric and Henry also attended the presentation and talked about their Toastmasters experience.

New Business:

  • Treasurer:  The Treasurer stated that the current club financial balance is $583.45 as of 30 June 2015.
  • Roles for the 19 August 2015 meeting:  a call for volunteers for the 19 August 2015 was made.

Educational Session:

Prepared Speeches:

Eric gave a # 3CC speech, evaluated by Donna Accettullo

Paula gave an AC #5, Storytelling manual speech, “Taking to the Skies” evaluated by Yvonne Tabb

Camara gave an AC #2, Interpretive Reading Speech manual speech, evaluated by Kevin

Table Topics Theme: Summer Vacation.

Table Topics Participants and Topics:

Kevin Tremblay spoke about what would make a good vacation for him and described travelling to Oregon to see the plants and gardens.

Yvonne Tabb spoke about spoke about a disastrous vacation describing a long canoe trip and waiting on the other end.

Shay Ostrow (Guest) spoke about a perfect vacation describing going to the middle of a pond or lake, getting away from technology.

Camara Bragdon spoke about her best summer vacation describing visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina with her extended family.

Tyler Hoxie (Guest) spoke about what he would do with $1 million dollars to spend in one day and described travelling to England and spending the million dollars.


Best Speaker:  Paula Baines

Best Evaluator:  Kevin Tremblay

Best Table Topics Speaker:  Shay Ostrow

Inspirational Speech:   given by Donna about Summer Vacation

General Evaluator Comments:  Mary gave an overview of the meeting and stated that overall, the meeting went well and all of the presentations were excellent.   Table Topics was particularly interesting.  The only area of concern was time management.  The meeting started at 7:03 PM, but still the meeting ended on time.  Time management will improve.

Closing Session:

The meeting ended at 8:25 PM.

Minutes prepared by            

Henry C. Ruiz


Addendum to the meeting minutes:

After the regular meeting a special Executive Board meeting convened with the Area Governor, Yvonne Tab.  The meeting was called to order by President Paula Baines at 8:30 PM.

Members present:  Paula Baines, Donna Accettullo, Amanda Black, Kevin Tremblay, Eric Smith, Mary Hunter, and Henry C. Ruiz.

The following business was conducted:

The Area Governor conducted an area visit of our club using the Area Visit Report.  The meeting consisted of completing the report and having a dialogue with the Area Governor concerning how our club is doing and suggestions for improving it.  The highlights of what we do well included our motivation and our willingness to listen and accept suggestions for improvement.  The primary suggestion for improvement was to develop a mentor program.

A copy of the report is available for review.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 PM.


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