Celebrating Mary Hunter’s 92nd Birthday by Eric Smith

Mary Hunter had celebrated her 92nd birthday in the company of friends this past day at the Masonic Temple at the Bangor Theological Seminary.  Over seventy people gathered for a home cooked church meal, cupcakes, and friendship.  Throughout the afternoon, everyone expressed how kind Mary is, how committed she is to Eastern Maine Medical Center Hospice Care, Toastmasters, the Grange, computer lessons, and we were lucky to hear Mary play the piano twice.

Mary inspires the best in everyone she meets.  Her energy is boundless, and Mary goes out again as quickly she gets home.  Everyone appreciated the opportunity to celebrate with Mary, whose giving spirit is such that she brings her own presents to share with others on her very own birthday.

Debora and I were among the many who were fortunate to attend the party, but our planet is even more fortunate to have had Mary’s presence in it and the mark she leaves everywhere she goes.  Happy birthday Mary, it has definitely been one of my life’s better experiences.

Debora and I had a wonderful time at Mary’s birthday party.


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