Bangor Toastmasters Club #897 Officers Meet to Plan for New Year

Executive Board

Bangor Toastmasters club #897

Overview notes by Paula Baines


6/24/2015 Wednesday, 7 pm

Met at the home of Paula Baines, incoming club president

In attendance:

Amanda Black, Paula Baines, Mary Hunter, Ravi Patil, Henry Ruiz, Eric Smith, and Kevin Tremblay.

Donna Accettullo came in at 7:20 pm after work.

Absent: Camara Bragdon and Brian Maguire

Paula Baines, current VP PR and VP membership and incoming club president welcomed current and incoming officers.  Paula Baines invited officers to share what worked this year and what needs improving.

What Worked (Pro’s) What Needs Improvement (cons)
Personal calls to new members Need to start meetings on time.
Personal calls to fill in spaces for meeting roles Need to improve mentoring program
Welcome bags Need follow up for guests and new members include application
Encourage guest book signing More instruction about manuals to members
Special events Improve access to website
FB closed group to share Create theme meetings
Welcome folders for new members

Greeting at the door

Invite individuals to find a video or article to share through email, FB

Invite a member to find a video or article online to share with members between meetings. We brainstormed on possible topics. Goal: increase educational opportunities

Topics for education to share between meetings:

Organizing a speech

Finding a topic of speech

Speech sill

Finding your voice in a speech

Building confidence to do a speech

Overcoming shyness

As part of the discussion throughout the evening, Donna Accettullo created an updated club success plan with all our goals. Donna and Paula Baines pointed out pages to reference in the new leadership guides.

We discussed ways to improve and help convert guests to members. Paula encouraged members to invite guests to next week’s cook out.

Mentorship for members is key. VPE plays the role of the general mentor. We will work on ways to assign a mentor to a member. Further discussion and details need to be taken.

It was suggested that each meeting have a theme-Word of day, table topics and maybe even the speeches can tie into the theme.

We discussed educating members on the meeting roles and the competent leadership manual. The roles discussed were general evaluator that oversees the membership roles for the evening. The general evaluator works with the Toastmaster, makes sure the speakers have evaluators, works with the timer/counter, and the grammarian. The toastmaster will now introduce the speakers-they will need the bios from the speaker. The bios will just highlight the speaker’s name, a brief background, and title of their speech. The evaluators will highlight the type of speech in their evaluation and if the speaker met their goal.

Timer/Counter-There is an official timer sheet that needs to be filled out and saved for each meeting. It was suggested that we save the timer sheet and attach it to the copy of the agenda.

Donna Accetullo will write up a job description for Mary Hunter for her co-Sergeant of Arms role. She will also write up information for Camara Bragdon who will help set up the room. We discussed our concerns about getting into our meeting room just before our meetings. It is causing challenges. We discussed that we would have Mary at the door greeting members and guests, inviting the guests to sign the guest book, and handing out welcome bags. Camara Bragdon will be inside the room, setting up, passing out ballots and agendas.

We discussed the idea of creating a Thank you note template for hand-written and email notes to guests and new members. Paula Baines will create a template for Eric Smith, VP Membership. Donna Accettullo will provide the note cards. She said she has boxes of them.

Paula Baines has offered to sit down with Eric Smith, VP Membership and Amanda Black, VP PR at times of their convenience to go over the notebooks that she created for both positions. She show them online resources available to them.

We did discuss the upcoming fall contest and tentatively discussed September 9 or 16 as club contest. Paula Baines will confirm with Tom Dowd, current area governor when the area contest is set for.

We ended the meeting with confirming meeting dates, places and meeting themes.

July 1, 2015-7 pm cook out at the home of Donna Accettullo. Induction of officers, induction of new members since last year, two speeches:  Jim Baines, ice breaker; and Kevin Tremblay, entertaining speech. Theme: independence Day

July 15-7 pm, Beal College.-Theme—“Dog Days of summer”

August 5, 7 pm Beal College-Theme-Summer Vacation

August 19, 7 pm, Beal Collage-Back to School

Meeting ended just after 9 pm.


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