Lessons from the Labyrinth by Eric Smith

Betty Ford, my wife Debora and I had a great time at Toastmaster Kevin Tremblay’s labyrinth outing this past Sunday, June 21. The outing was inspired a wonderful recent speech. Someone was celebrating their birth party tour.  Some attended a poetry reading, there was enjoyable food, and a walk-in library tour of Kevin’s house. I overheard that at one time Kevin had owned a book store.

What is a labyrinth? A labyrinth is one way in and one way out.  That is different from a maze, which tries to confuse a person.  Many took their turn through the labyrinth. Upon our turn, we each took a stone and thought about releasing some trouble or problem as we walked the pathways. I certainly felt a release when depositing my stone in the basket after having gripped it so tightly.

The fire pit kept us warm from the rain down pour. Once the rain let up we toured parts of the gardens and learned about several flowers.  While I recognized the purple lupine flowers, we were also shown honey suckle which are cup like plants. The labyrinth would have been a great site for table topics and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow toastmasters.


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