Bangor Toastmasters celebrates 64 years with Toastmasters International

Brewer, Maine. Bangor Toastmasters​Club celebrated its 64th anniversary of its founding last week, Wednesday, April 1, 2015. The event was held at the St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church’s Shamrock event room in Brewer, Maine. Twenty-five people attended including guests and former members. The evening kicked off with a delicious potluck and chance for members and guests to mingle before the speeches began.

Two members-Paula Rizzo Baines, VP Membership and VP PR and Camara Bragdon, VP Education were two of the speakers for the evening. Members Eric Smith and Donna Accettullo, club president were the evaluators.

Paula Baines, VP of Membership and Public Relations coordinated the evening and served as Toastmaster. Throughout the evening’s  festivities, Past and present officers Kristen Hornbrook, Betty Ford, Lynn Snow, Ravi Patil, Brian Maguire and Mary Hunter shared remarks on how Bangor Toastmasters has impacted them. Mary Hunter also shared home-made gifts with the guests. Kristen Hornbrook, Coach/Trainer/Speaker, former member and club president was one of six individuals to share remarks on how Toastmasters has impacted her.

Betty Ford, past VP of Education and club member stated that it took many months of sitting in the back of the meeting room. Thanks to Toastmasters, she gained confidence and has served in club leadership roles and as past acting area governor. She also made connections with other Toastmasters.

Lynn Snow, former club president stated she also gained confidence in herself. As a child, she could not read due to severe dyslexia. She has worked hard over the years and thanks to the support of her peers in Toastmasters, she is challenging herself. She now volunteers as a reader at a nursing home.

Brian Maguire remarked thanks to roles of evaluator, he has become a better listener.

Ravi Patil said he joined Toastmasters to improve his speaking and communicator. He struggles with that since he stutters. He has been a member of the club for three and a half years.

Kristen Hornbrook stated that Toastmasters has helped her set and achieve personal goals. Like Betty, Kristen said she did not say much during the first several club meetings that she attended. Now thanks to Toastmasters, she has achieved many goals.

“It was such a delightful, an uplifting and an inspiring event,” stated Baines. Adding, a couple of former members came as guests, are considering joining up again.

Bangor Toastmasters Club #897 is part of the larger Toastmasters International organization, which is celebrating its 90th year.


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