Classy Speech by Kevin, Tremblay, member of Bangor Toastmasters

Just how important is the way we speak, and the words we choose?  They are critical to determine the result of our efforts to obtain the material things we desire and position in society, and directly impact the quality of our lives.  Words are powerful, they are symbols.  A comic example of word-power is expressed in George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion and was the basis for the movie My Fair Lady.  Can a “gutter snipe” be educated in speech by a professor of phonetics to be accepted in society as a fine lady?

Pygmalion is a horrible story of prejudice with a misogynist viewpoint while embracing common street psychology. The premise of the play is that speech is extremely important and upholds social class distinctions.  Shaw was a Fabian, a hard-line Socialist.

In the play the experiment worked.  A common cockney, lower-class woman – a flower girl – is transformed into a lady, Cinderella-like; her glass slipper being speech and deportment.  Her rise in society was on account of the way she learned to communicate and enunciate words and ways to behave.  Her elocution and oratory passed her off as a lady.  This allowed her to marry above her station, as she would be accepted as one of their own.

The science of speech and language has many branches: phonetics, word elocution and oratory, the study of dialects, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) even, and in language with applied harmonic patterning entrainment.  The choice of each word, the way it is spoken, the emphasis added, invokes imagery in our mind, and unconscious.  With words and the way they are said, we can manipulate others, or we are manipulated.

The way we speak can drive a conversation to a desired end.  There are many occult works that, in the final analysis, are studies in the application of word-power.  And use words at the level of their frequency emitted when spoken to evoke magic.  Or words and their frequency used to seed the imagination to a desired end.  Subliminal advertisement is another way to use words and visual imagery to influence people.

A skilled speaker watches and listens very closely too. They look for the clues to the next step in a chained-word sequence, to drive an idea, a philosophy, or even to make a sale, and find love.  Words are primal.

For a number of years I’ve been working with this idea of Scripted-Social-Exchanges (SSE), which uses words to manipulate others in specific ways and with desired outcomes.  Using the knowledge of words, their frequency when said, unconscious and symbolic associations, and pairing words together can cause a desired result.

By chaining words, where each word is used too enhance the next thought and scientifically knowing what images are created, all are used to move the unconscious picture along.  All this working toward a thought-provoking outcome, the word-script evokes imagery to elicit a desired thought to a behavior.  This can be on the level of neuro-chemicals using scent, setting and sound to achieve a desired result.

Poetry can be provocative and lead listeners to certain imagery or make a person feel.  In New Thought (NT), the follower only says words they want to resonate about them in the ether forever.  NT acknowledges that Infinite Intelligence is everywhere, and is a movement in higher thought that started in Maine in the 19th century.

Using words that encourage and educate, and that are affirming and project goodness and light are only uttered.  Words, and our thoughts are important, and our speech can spread love all over the world in a ripple effect or bring us down.  We are responsible for what we project, how to behave and therefore, are largely responsible for the outcome.  Choose your words wisely.

One way of working on speech is to become a Toastmaster.  This organization is open to everyone who wants to practice public-speaking and speech-writing.  During meetings members give speeches that are evaluated by other members to encourage the speaker with specific insights and recommendations.  This is a great group to work on difficulties in public speaking without judgment and with encouragement.

Ralph C. Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters which is celebrating its 90th year, said, “Whatever your grade or position, if you known how to speak, and when to remain silent, your chances of real success are proportionally increased.”  From the December 2014 edition of Toastmasters Magazine, article The Most Passionate Leaders comes, “Words spark movements. Words sell products. Words build brands.  Words help us imagine a better future.”

All of us Toastmasters attend meetings to learn to speak better, and to listen more carefully, knowing that these skills will help us to accomplish our life-goals and are skills of a competent leader.  The Bangor Toastmasters Club meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, evenings 7 to 8:30 PM at Beal Collage.  For more information visit the Toastmasters International webpage at, The Bangor Club has a Facebook page and webpage at, I joined the club to work at having more classy speech and a better life.


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